China on the Threshold of the 21st Century - Europeana Project

As part of China at the threshold of the 21st-century project, part of the Europeana project coordinated and partnered by ICIMSS (The International Center for Information Management Systems and Services) in Poland, I am the author of circa 1,200 photographs from China. They were created during my numerous trips to China over the last twenty years. All the photographs on the portal of Europeana are fully available for reuse under CC-BY-SA license.

A short film with an overview of selected photographs is also available.

A detailed description is available on the project website.

The project has also resulted in a book entitled. "PAGODE - Europeana China", edited by Antonella Fresa and published by the Faculty of Arts University of Ljubljana in 2021 (the book is open access and available on the project website). In it, there is a short chapter written by me together with Maria Sliwinska, which also includes a selection of photographs from China: “ICIMSS and Chinese Cultural Heritage,” PAGODE – Europeana China. A Contribution Towards a Different Understanding of the Binary Relationships of East and West, ed. A. Fresa, Rome – Ljubljana: Ljubljana University Press 2021, pp. 145-147.

They have been made available as part of the project PAGODE - Europeana China is co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility Programme of the European Union, under GA n. INEA/CEF/ICT/A2019/1931839