Knowledge Transfer

2021-2022       The Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange NAWA Bekker fellowship in the University of Amsterdam (UvA) Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) titled Multidirectional Knowledge Transfer from Eastern and Central Europe

The project at IAS aims to map and model the complex phenomenon of multidirectional knowledge transfer (MKT) from Eastern and Central Europe (ECE) in 1918-1968. He has conducted extensive archival searches over the past several years. They have resulted in a large number of archival materials that have not been examined before. However, while historical research often focuses on single case studies, this project is about a much larger scale. Thus, it becomes clear that knowledge transfer is a multidirectional and complex phenomenon. To effectively accomplish this project, a complexity science approach is necessary and an attempt to build a knowledge transfer model. 


Video recording of the presentation titled Global Knowledge Transfer. Is Complexity Science a Remedy for the Weaknesses of "Presumptive History"? at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) Institute for Advanced Study (IAS), December 14, 2021: 


2018-2019     Principal Investigator in the grant Transligualism in Knowledge Transfer Process: the Case of Polish Intellectuals in the US, financed by National Science Centre, Poland.

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